TR was founded in 2000 and has an excellent reputation and legal service capabilities in China. There are more than 100 cooperative organizations around the world. China, the United States, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are important countries for deployment. At the same time, TR combines the dual advantages of the company and the law firm, and is different from an individual lawyers. We adopt a team to deal with problems, and use the company's management advantages and the professional advantages of the law firm to create a more efficient dispute resolution channel. According to different needs, different ways are arranged, and the work division is more scientific.

TR is a formal legal enterprise with legal qualifications. Every year, more than 100 companies accept the legal services provided by TR, and the number of court appearances is more than 1,500 per year. We help individuals and companies solve more than 100,000 problems through legal consultations and solve.Customers do not need to enter the litigation process, which reduces costs. The high-quality, flexible and customized legal services provided by TR are popular among clients and have attracted many perennial legal counsel clients.

China's digital and social media marketing is also a special service of TR, which has had a great influence in recent years, helping companies from various countries to prevent risks of China while promoting the company's business and obtaining good returns. TR is not only helping companies follow up legal affairs, but also promoting their business very well.

TR attaches great importance to talent strategy in its development, and has gradually formed a talent team composed of professional lawyers, professional market talents, and professional management talents, ensuring the realization of the team's overall strategic goals. TR's business scope covers civil and commercial disputes, international trade, overseas investment, corporate issues, capital securities,private equity, investment and financing and mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, environmental protection, maritime affairs and other professional fields. The business objects cover personal business, personal consulting, corporate business, and corporate consulting. In addition, TR also has legal experts with a reputation for the field of international law theory and practice, and will become your powerful legal adviser.

Providing customers with satisfactory legal services is our unswerving goal. TR insists on being "customer-oriented" and has established a "customer service center", always focusing on customer needs and customer satisfaction as its work goal. TR uses the advantages of a global legal service system, integrating the resources of offices, professional departments and all lawyers around the world, not only to solve legal problems of clients, but also to provide clients with business opportunities, promote client cooperation, and provide clients with professional and comprehensive law service. TR's global and high-quality legal services have won the trust of customers, and have significantly improved in terms of customer ownership, market share, and total revenue generation. At present, TR has joined more than 150 industries and business associations, and has served more than 2,000 international companies. 

As a business-oriented legal service company with global legal service capabilities, TR actively integrates into the world, builds a global legal service system, and attaches great importance to enhancing exchanges and cooperation with foreign law firms. We have internationalized lawyers and insist on improving and developing multilingual legal service capabilities, including Chinese, English, Korean, French, German, Japanese, Italian, etc. We comprehensively enhance the service capabilities of law firms in international legal services.

TR will use the advantages of international business legal resources to provide customers with high-quality and efficient legal services to satisfy customers.