Research On Chinese Cooperative Enterprises

Every year, trade turnover between countries in the world and China is increasing, but at the same time, it is not uncommon for Chinese suppliers and partners to frequently work on prepaid systems. After receiving the advance payment, the supplier may disappear, finally certifying a contract with a non-existent company. To avoid this, you should check the company information in the Chinese company register. Our experts will draft detailed reports about the trading company to help you obtain all the necessary information to minimize risks.

Why is it better to check


Before concluding an agreement with a Chinese company, it is necessary to check:


Is the company registered in accordance with all requirements of the law?

Does the activity prescribed in the Charter?

Does it pay taxes?

Does the company have any administrative violations and have been tried for civil disputes and other crimes? 



The report includes:


Basic information about the company

(name, registered address, field of activity, registered capital, etc)

Information about company management

Information about bank accounts and loans of the company

Main counterparties

(suppliers, buyersetc) 

 Annual financial reporting data (if disclosed)